What is it about a tree?

What is it about a Christmas tree? I mean, really now, do you ever stop to ponder who decided to bring a dead tree inside their house, string lights all over it, and then decorate it with random things? I suppose it is quite a strange tradition when you really think about it. Yet it is something that I look forward to each year because of the ornaments that go on the tree. Some were made by my grandmothers, some were given to me by early childhood friends, some given by former students, some selected by me on our yearly trip to Sunset Beach at the Christmas store, and now some are coming from Kylie's China sisters. Each ornament evokes a memory of people that have played a role in who I've become...

So I guess that is why each time my sweet child pauses in front of a Christmas tree I break out the camera. Here are some random shots of Kylie in front of various trees this season.

One of the outtakes in the Christmas card photo shoot... (You couldn't read the shirt!)

I suppose this one is both the most ridiculous and my favorite. One Sunday after church at my mom's she saw her life jacket in the closet during clothes changing time. She grabbed the jacket and was out the bedroom door in an instant.

A family photo in front of mom's tree AFTER Kylie was dressed...

Playing with the Little People farm the Friday before Christmas ~ one of the few December nights we had a quiet evening at home. Oh, by the way, Kylie thinks baby Jesus makes a pretty good farmer too...

"Look at all these presents! When do we get to open them?" Christmas Eve Eve at Mom's after church.

Full of smiles with a FULL belly after our annual Christmas Eve fondue meal at my aunt's house.

Christmas afternoon at Mama's house to celebrate with Mama, Adam, Traci, Ian's mom and the dogs. Yes, for the record Kylie stayed in her pajamas ALL day on Christmas!

In a few days the tree will come down. I always hate taking the ornaments off and boxing them back up for a year, but I know that early next December we'll head to the mountains, choose and cut a tree and then after we get home we'll drink egg nog and watch Rudolph while we decorate "the most beautiful" tree and we'll relive those sweet memories yet another time. I guess the tradition isn't so strange after all...


C.C. said...

Oh my gosh, great pics!!! Merry Christmas!!

Jeff and Valerie said...

What great pictures! She is such a cutie. I am always sad the first few days after the holidays. Back to real life!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing Christmas. Traci, Adam, Grandma Kathy and I could hardly wait for Kristi and Ian to get to my home with Kylie. She truly was the Very Best Present!

When she came in, she looked under my tree with the added gifts from Aunt Traci, Uncle Adam and Grandma Kathy and said "Wow". She didn't realize they were even gifts - she just liked the pretty colors of the paper!

Opened our presents, ate our brunch, took some naps and just enjoyed each other.

We took time to thank our glorious Father God for the amazing gift of His Son, Jesus, to be our role model, to die for the forgiveness of our sins, and to prepare our heavenly home. Praise Him!