Treasuring in my heart

So after 10 months I'm beginning to slow down on taking pictures...

For the past several days I've only taken about five candid shots of Kylie. (Don't worry, those aren't the only ones taken ~ it took about 50 clicks of the camera, some bribery with a chocolate no-bake cookie, and a little play session with Daddy and Maya to pull off our Christmas picture ~ I'll post it later, but not until I finally get the Christmas cards in the mailbox)

Anyway, I guess that instead of preserving my memories digitally I've been storing them in my heart.

Like the fact that Kylie has been mixing her Little People Nativity with her Little People Airplane ~ did you know Baby Jesus doubles as Messiah and a pilot?

Like loving that Kylie has learned to give (and say) Eskimo Kisses.

Like the realization that while Mary and I have a few differences (she raised the Son of God, I'm raising one of His daughters; she was a teenager, I'm a thirty something; she became a mother in a stable in Bethlehem, I became a mother in a hot room in southern China) we were both hand-picked by our Heavenly Father to be mothers to our children.

Like the compliment a dear friend gave us by saying, "Hmm, you know it's funny ~ I never even think about you guys and Kylie being of different cultures and races, I just see you as a family."

Like another close friend who watched Kylie for a few minutes at a CCC party on Friday night and declared, "Kristi, I know this will sound crazy, but I feel like I'm watching a mini you. She has your expressions and mannerisms and even looks a bit more like you each time I see her!"

My shopping isn't quite done, the Christmas cards are still on my counter, the presents are unwrapped on our bedroom floor, and I'm REALLY tired, BUT my heart is full and Christmas is still eight days away.


Cindy M said...

Rock on, sister! I don't even have pants for Mickey to wear in our Christmas card photo! Other than that, I'm in about the same shape! But it is absolutely impossible not to enjoy THIS Christmas...our girls are HOME!

Cindy M said...

Oh, and I LOVED the rest of your blog post, too! So much of motherhood is treasured in our hearts...

C.C. said...

So true and so well said:-)

Grandma Miller said...

God has truly blessed our family. I am so grateful to be part of it.
nai nai miller

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

Couldn't have said it better!

Anonymous said...

Kylie, you are definitely a little angel who God hand picked for your Mama and Dada. Often I see an expression (especially when you are being asked to do something that you don't want to do) that I vividly remember on your Mama's face when she was your age.

What a joy it is sharing family traditions of Christmas with you and especially telling you about the birth of our precious Savior, Jesus Christ.

You are a blessing.