Tired little elf!

This morning Kylie and I went with some members of our Sunday School class to rake leaves for two of the sweet older widows that are members of our church. (Ian was at a CCC board meeting.) I thought that Kylie would just hang out and play in the leaves, but I should have known better! Ms. Myrtle found a small rake that was just Kylie's size and she had a ball "helping" right beside me. I made the big mistake of going home instead of driving around for a while when she fell asleep in the car and she decided that the 20 minute "power nap" was enough for the day. Apparently the hard work this morning, the WAAYY too short nap, and the excitement of playing with several of her friends during our Sunday School Christmas party was a bit much for one day. On the way home (and yes, she insisted on wearing the hat after she saw me wearing it earlier!) she got pretty quiet and the hat kept dropping a bit lower and lower...

Out cold!


Jeff and Valerie said...

What a good helper and cute sleeper!

C.C. said...

What a luv:-)

Anonymous said...

Guess I need to buy a little rake so she can help me with my leaves!
The hat is just too much! haha

Anonymous said...

Nothing like teaching her to be a servant at a young age. She looks so cute with that little rake. Perhaps I'll get her one so she can help me at my house. haha

The hat is just too much!