There's something about a girl and her dog that is just too sweet! I have to laugh now when I think about how worried we were the first few weeks home when Kylie freaked out anytime Maya was in the house. I honestly worried that we'd have to find Maya a new home because just the jingle of the tags on her collar sent Kylie into a full fledged panic! Finally she seemed to realize that Maya was not a threat and these days the two are virtually inseparable; Kylie has a new chair, and Maya has an additional source of both snuggles and snacks.

"What do you mean Puffs aren't dog treats?"

No matter what Kylie is doing, Maya is never too far away...

Notice there's no Maya in the picture ~ bananas are one of the few things our doggie won't try to steal from our princess. Oh and Kylie still asks for bananas by putting a finger in her ear, slightly confusing when she's recovering from a double ear infection...

Speaking of food, the thing that brings Kylie to the pantry these days (we still haven't made it to Babies R Us to buy the door handle locks ~ we've just had to move a lot of stuff higher on the shelves) is dry roasted peanuts. She absolutely begs for them at all times of the day ~ lunch, dinner, snacks, even breakfast. Meat, fruit, peanuts, milk and frozen peas, it's no wonder that she's up to roughly 29 pounds! Most folks don't believe that she weighs that much until they pick her up. She's deceptively solid, I guess there is truth that muscle is denser than fat because she is also freakishly strong! (If you don't believe me on that one, ask anyone that has tried to change her diaper when she's not in the mood or put her in the car seat if that's not her plan!)


C.C. said...

How sweet!!! When Kylie is our age, she will have such great memories of her dog, Maya:-)

Anonymous said...


Once again, thanks for sharing your life with Kylie with all of us. Awaiting my sweet granddaughter will not be as long being able to see and hear about our Kylie and her everyday changes.


Anonymous said...

Believe Maya has become Kylie's best friend. Maya surely loves her. Puts up with anything Kylie wants to do with her or to her. It has been fun to watch the transformation of Kylie seeing Maya as frightening and now as inseparable friend.