The meaning of Christmas

Monday we finally decorated the house for Christmas. The tree is up, stockings are hung, various Santa's are tucked away, peppermint, cinnamon and vanilla candles are out, and the nativity scenes are set up. Kylie took an interest in the ceramic set, so I was really excited to FINALLY open the Fisher Price Little People Nativity that my mom bought for her for Christmas 2005! When we first opened the box she said, "WOW!" and then "wowed" again each time we opened a little plastic bag (apparently Fisher Price wanted to make sure to use as much packaging as possible and wrapped each person and animal separately...).

She immediately began to sit the people inside and actually got the angel on top of the stable and put Mary, Jesus, and one of the wise men inside ~ not bad for her first set up.

By Tuesday afternoon she loved the set and the only way Ian could get her to take her nap while I was at preschool was to promise her that she could play with it when she got up. She didn't forget his promise and as soon as she was fully awake when I got home she grabbed my hand and pulled me to her nativity set to start playing. She kept showing me baby Jesus, so we talked about him. I explained to her that Christmas is Jesus' birthday and that Mary is his Mama and Joseph is his Dada. When all our bible study friends arrived that night she grabbed Jesus and was holding him up in the air and actually jumped and squealed with excitement when Uncle Adam said "Jesus is born." He almost declared Bible study over at that point.

This morning immediately after breakfast she ran to the set and began playing again. It was so cute to watch her set up the sheep on the hillside. She'd get so excited each time she put a sheep on and would say, "she, baaa!" She also is getting good at identifying the people and can point to Mary when asked where is baby Jesus' mommy and can locate Joseph even though there are two other shepherds and three wise men.

I'm thrilled that she is getting a heads up on the true meaning of Christmas, and my heart absolutely melted when she picked up baby Jesus when I asked her if she could find him. Oh how I pray that her devotion to her Saviour as an adult will match that she has now!


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Cindy M said...

Is it wrong to envy YOUR Fisher Price nativity? :-) Ours is one of the original versions...probably ten years old...we only got the Wise extra palm tree...we do have a cow and a camel...does yours play music?

Guess what? Caroline likes to put the angel on top, too!

Anonymous said...

Kylie is surrounded by the love of Jesus Himself and of many wonderful people who love Jesus personally. Also,many prayers have been lifted that God will touch her little heart and start filling the void that only Jesus Christ can fill for her. She is His and He will make Himself known to her more and more as she has the ability to understand. We tell her "I love you and Jesus loves you".

I'm delighted that she likes to play with the nativity and is already getting to know the characters. She is our little angel.


Jeff and Valerie said...

Love that nativity set. Very cool!