Thanksgiving preview

For the past several years our bible study has gathered for a Thanksgiving meal on the Tuesday just before turkey day. We laughed tonight as 17 of us stuffed ourselves silly on turkey (I roasted a 15 pound whole one and a 6 pound breast), two kinds of sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, stuffing, macaroni and cheese, rolls, green beans, creamed corn, corn pudding and cranberry sauce. And as if that wasn't enough, we topped it off with a giant brownie cake and three pies ~ apple, pumpkin, and sweet potato! We laughed, not because of the amount of food we collectively put back, but in realization of how much better the meal was this year than the first year we started (more of the group are married or have now been out on their own long enough to learn to cook to survive)! Oh, and we also laughed at the ridiculous amount of turkey my daughter consumed!

Seriously ~ she ate an entire plate of food (with seconds of sweet potatoes which she couldn't eat fast enough with her spoon, so she was shoveling them in with her fingers) and then went down to Uncle Adam who fed her about 1/2 of a turkey drumstick. (And yes, it was as big as the ones at the fair...)

Kylie laughed between every bite, almost as if she was thinking that it was entirely too good to be true. I can't wait for Thanksgiving day at Mama's house to see if she puts away as much turkey again!

Apparently next she made a connection with her Aunt Traci through their shared sweet tooth and weakness for chocolate. And I wondered why she was still running around the living room at 10... (Thanks for catching this action on video Taylor!)

Happy early Thanksgiving everyone!


Cindy M said...

She is so stinkin' cute I could eat HER up!

Love you guys! Happy Turkey Day!

Anonymous said...

Raisins and milk? So yesterday.

Nna Nna

Anonymous said...

That's my girl, Kylie. Turkey, sweet potatoes and chocolate! What could be better? What a nice tradition for your CCC Bible study.
Hello and much love to each of you.
LaoLao - Mama Shultz

Anonymous said...

Ha I love sweet potatoes to! you rock Kylie =) she is so cute!