Hippo Smackdown!

Lottie may be tiny, but don't tell her that!

The following hippo smackdown is quite hilarious when you have a bit of background information.

Let's take a trip down memory lane...
On the day we met our girls (February 5), some of us went into the playroom while we were waiting for paperwork to finish up so that we could go back to the hotel. Kylie kept swiping Lottie's photo album that her mommy had sent to her in a care package at the orphanage. I'd take the album away from her,
hand it back to Lottie's mommy, and she'd take off to get it again!
I tried to entertain her with the hippo we got back from her care package, but she was enthralled with the photo album, and hippo was ignored.

A few days into our China trip Kylie began to love hippo and he has been a favorite ever since. So of course hippo was my selection for a toy to carry around the fair...

Now that you have the background, fast forward 8 months to October!
As we lined up the girls in their strollers for a photo, Lottie must have remembered the photo album incident and the irony that 8 1/2 months later she was eyeing Kylie's hippo was quite funny to me!

All that said, let the hippo smackdown begin!

While Kylie is pouting about who knows what, Lottie spies something familiar...

Darby gives Kylie a heads up about Lottie making her move, but is it too late?

"Hey wait a minute! That's my "ip-poe!"

Lottie's got it in her territory now while Kylie watches in disbelief!

Caroline is amazed at Lottie's ability to get things out of someone else's stroller. She's thinking of asking Lottie to go into partnership with her...

Lottie claims victory!

Sadly I was laughing too hard to catch Kylie's reclaiming of her beloved hippo, but you can see she is quite pleased with herself for solving the problem without Mommy's intervention.

The best part was that after the uproar the two forgot the intensity of the moment, were still friends and had no hard feelings! Ahh toddlerhood! Maybe we should all take lessons on friendship from our kids!

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