**Before I begin this post I am making a note for myself ~ and perhaps for those that watched Fireworks this week and noticed that I didn't post all week long ~ that I figured out how to alter the date and am going back to fill in this crazy, busy, but amazingly fun week.**

Today our family spent the day at CCC's annual golf tournament.

"Let me dust off your club for you Daddy!" By the way, Kylie can swing a golf club with some force! Before Ian headed to the course today she came frighteningly close to breaking the window on our back door!

Ian played (no, he doesn't play golf on a regular basis ~ last year's tournament was his first ever round of golf and today was his second ~ but he figured that in support of the ministry he'd put his money (and body) where his mouth was and play) and Kylie and I drove a beverage cart around offering drinks, crackers, and cookies to the golfers. Grandma came along to keep Kylie in the cart and we had a grand time cruising the course.

"Look what I found! Pink is my favorite color, can I keep it, please?"

I think that Kylie ended up eating about 10 large cookies during the course of the day because each time a golfer would take one she'd turn on the smile and they'd say how cute she was and give her a piece of their cookie. And then there was the time that I didn't notice that a bag was open and suddenly she is eating not one, but TWO oatmeal raisin cookies that are stuck together... Oh well, better oatmeal raisin than chocolate chip, right?

We spent a lot of time watching Daddy and his team. Every now and then Kylie would
"make a break for it" and head out of the cart to her Daddy.

After Aunt Traci got done with her school day she came and joined us and then Kylie rode with Aunt Traci and Uncle Adam. She loves being silly with them and had a great time!

Finally the warm sun and excitement took their toll on Kylie and she sacked out in Aunt Traci's arms. She rode around for about 45 minutes totally oblivious to the world around her!

There is nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby!

Ian's team didn't win ~ we didn't expect them to... ~ but he did win one of the door prizes! God blessed us with a beautiful day to come out and raise money for our favorite ministry. It was fantastic!


Cindy M said...

Love Kylie's outfit! :-)

Allison said...

Maggie has that same outfit as Kylie! I love her hairbow, which Maggie does NOT have!

Anonymous said...

Kylie is adorable. She picks up on things so fast that soon we'll hear that she had a "hole in one"!
Love those young golfers.

Cousin Donna