Congratulations Kate & Andy and a bubbly day

I finally got around to looking at the over 200 pictures we took from our friends' (Kate & Andy) wedding this weekend. (Ian was experimenting with some artsy pics of the setting and flowers...) It was a magical fairy tale wedding location ~ twinkling lights on an antique barn with sunflowers and zinnias everywhere ~ to match the fairy tale romance of the lovebirds. They met at CCC last summer when Kate was cooking for a camp week and Andy had gone with his church as an adult camper. They noticed each other all week but failed to really talk until Kate served Andy some peach cobbler on Thursday night with her famous tag line, "Try it, it will change your life!" And so it did!

Kylie has become rather taken with the couple. Mr. Andy was actually one of the first men ~ outside her daddy and Uncle Adam of course ~ that Kylie warmed up to. Maybe it was because he taught her to "pound it?" Of course she made sure to find him and pound fists with him on his wedding day! She also adores Ms. Kate and often will reach for her when she's in my arms.

In addition to enjoying the good food ~ nothing beats R & R barbecue, homemade baked beans macaroni and cheese, wedding cake and homemade ice cream! ~ Kylie was especially fond of the condiment tray. Let me specify that, she was crazy about the mini pickles! And many of the church folks noticed that she liked them, so she had more than the three I had put on her plate. After I told her that she was done with the pickles, someone else snuck her one. I LOVE the expression when she realized that I saw her eating it. "What pickle Ma Ma?" Oh well, the eight or so that she consumed along two spoons of macaroni and cheese and a full adult serving of pineapple ice cream and half a serving of chocolate didn't seem to bother her stomach any. (Yes, I let her eat a strange diet that day, but that's what weddings are all about, right?)

We are so happy for Kate and Andy and wish them the best in life!!!

Today we spent some time on the back deck at Kylie's water table after I got home from preschool. Oh the thrills that come from a bit of water and a squirt of Dawn dish detergent! And I even got a new word out of that little mouth ~ "bubas" (bubbles)

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Anonymous said...

The wedding was truly a fairyland.
The natural beauty of the setting was so lovely. Kylie does love Miss Kate and Mr Andy. Too bad we didn't get a picture of her rubbing his head as she usually reaches up her hand for him to lean down and let her rub it.
The picture of the bubbles certainly shows sheer JOY. Isn't is fun to see the world through Kylie's eyes?