Birthday blast

Before I remind myself that Anah ~ my college roommate's oldest daughter ~ turned 10 this week, I think I need to show how the glass blowing ended last night. (I so didn't realize that Ian caught this on the camera!)

And now you can (or hear rather) why the plate glass blowing ended abruptly...

So now that I've caught my breath for a minute, I'll again focus on Anah turning 10. I had to call Beth the day we got the invitation to her party because while I knew in my mind she was already 9, somehow I hadn't thought about the fact that she would soon be turning 10. I mean, I was at the hospital and held her the day she was born...

Let's just put the number 9 on the cake again this year! My little sweetie is getting older!

Anyway, it was a karaoke party and Anah was in her element! We heard lots of numbers from High School Musical (and some other stuff that I didn't recognize ~ guess I'm not that hip when it comes to pre-teen music)! Kylie of course enjoyed the music and had a great time dancing and getting plenty of hugs from Anah.

Kylie loves Anah as much as Anah loves her!

Oh yeah, and if you're wondering, it was the green shirt that sent her into hysterics on Friday!

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Anonymous said...

Happy 10th birthday to sweet Anah.
I agree, it doesn't seem possible.
Kylie obviously had a great time at Anah's party....she loves music and dancing.
So happy that Kylie is now an official glass plate blower! hahaha