Kylie's Movie Star Day

I knew that becoming a mother would change my life. I had no idea that it would start (VERY slowly, but it is a start) to make me a morning person. Used to be that if Maya walked through our room jingling her tags I would whisper to her to lay down and then I'd roll over and go back to sleep. These days find myself getting up so that I'll be ready for Kylie when she wakes up. It takes me a while to become "human," but when she wakes up on her own she is ALWAYS in a chipper mood. And if a smiling, giggly, cuddly baby isn't enough to bring a smile to your face, I have no idea what could.

We have snuggle time and then from there she is wide open! Like most toddlers (gasp, did I really just let that word drop!) she is becoming very opinionated and insists on certain things. For example, her Speedo pool flip flops (that she despised when I first bought them) have now replaced her crocs as favorite shoes. So much so that the other day I had her dressed in the crocs because they were upstairs when we were getting dressed and when we came downstairs she saw the Speedos and couldn't rip the crocs off her feet fast enough... Add to that the fact that while she usually will leave her sunglasses on for a total of five minutes, but last Monday she wore them ALL day and continually would "strike a pose."

"Tom Clancy ~ one of my favorite authors. This should be good for light reading at the pool today!"

"Hey agent, umm I mean Aunt Traci, can you get this thing moving any faster?"

"I will only sign autographs after I finish my gourmet PB & J!"

I'm thankful that Mama's pool isn't too far away ~ with the heat wave that seems to be stalled out over NC there isn't much you can bear to do outside! We haven't been to a park in weeks, but we sure have been swimming!

Kylie actually went on to wear her sunglasses to revival services at church that night. At least they matched her outfit, I'm bracing myself for the days that she insists wearing boots in the summer or her pool flip flops with a Sunday dress cause I know those days are coming...

I just had to add this photo from when we first walked in the door after we got home from the beach. Kylie saw Maya and immediately started running toward her saying, "wu wu wu!"

Best friends!


nai nai miller said...

I didn't think it was possible for Kylie to steal my heart any harder, but seeing her in her sunglasses has to be the cutest pictures yet. You beautiful child, how I do love you.

Allison said...

Good GRIEF, could she look more like a little girl and less like a baby???? So cute!

Aunt Traci said...

She is a movie star.. at least in the Greater Midland area! Cutie-pa-tootie!! Love you Kylie!!

Anonymous said...

Love the sunglasses. Like it even better when occasionally she puts them on upside down and stills wears them with "class"! haha Looks like a "teenie bopper". How fast she is growing - legs are about long enough to peddle the three wheeler by herself! Love those "bathing beauty" shots. My heart is so full of love for Kylie.