A year ago I was starting to wonder if we would ever hear news from China. It was late the night we got home from NewLife 91.9's first annual "Faith, Family and Freedom" Celebration that Ian suggested I start keeping an online journal for our future daughter. Looking back on it now, I'm surprised that I did. I had no idea what I was going to write about and I had to choose a name for my blog before I could post the first entry. We had decided to wait and name our child after we got a referral, so there went the easy choices of "Journey to ______" or "Waiting for ________."

Ian suggested that I write from the heart and before I knew it, Fireworks and Fireflies was born. Click here to read the first entry posted on July 2, 2006.

Now fast-forward a year. Saturday night we attended the second annual "Faith, Family and Freedom" Celebration. We went with many of the same friends from our Sunday School class. Little Katie and her friends are all now a year older and Katie asked her mom if she could sit on my lap again this year.

But this year our family was a bit different...

We got to celebrate our faith, our family, and our freedom for the first time as a family of three! Finally Ian and I were in the role of parents instead of just "Ms. Kristi and Mr. Ian" to everyone else's kids. One thing I must say here though is that the wait was just the right amount of time. If we had become parents any earlier or any later we would have missed Kylie. God knew what He was doing when he created our family of three!!!

And when it came time to watch the fireworks, my lap (or arms as it turned out because we had to seek shelter from the rain) were taken by our own little firecracker. I spent about half of the time watching Kylie, and half watching the sky. She loved the fireworks by the way! After the initial shock from the noise wore off she was in awe.

And if you're wondering, yes, we did tell her that fireworks were invented in the wonderful country of China...

My heart was so full on Saturday night!

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Anonymous said...

Our China Baby enjoyed all of the fireworks! The loud noise didn't bother her once she looked at her parents to see that they were not afraid. She would point up to the sky and clap her hands. What a blessed 4th of July to have her here with us!!!