Where are those white sandals?

Around here we've turned Wednesday night into our "family date night." Last night we were getting ready to head to Gateway to Athens and I couldn't find Kylie's new white sandals (not new because I'm picky and bought clean ones when the old ones got dirty, but new ones because she's already outgrown the ones that fit perfectly in April...). I knew that she had been wearing them earlier in the day when we went to visit my cousin, but didn't really remember seeing them since. After both Ian and I looking everywhere we could think to check (this includes places like Maya's food dish, the Papasan chair and in Ian's office) I called Monica to see if maybe I had left them there. Funny thing about that is that if indeed I had left them at Monica's house, Kylie would have gone to lunch at Zaxby's with no shoes. I decided that with my memory lately that anything was possible, but Monica told me that the sandals weren't there. Geeze, where could they be?

We decided we were hungry and grabbed another pair of shoes (some cute pink ones that I thought were too big). Kylie again decimated a pile of Greek meatballs and tried to take some off my plate when she was done with her own. (I love the personalized attention we get there, the waitress remembered us and asked if we wanted extra meatballs for Kylie!) After we got home from dinner and a few errands, Kylie wanted to show off her stair descending ability ~ she just started using the hand rails last week!

After we put her to bed, we continued searching for the sandals. No luck...

I looked again this morning while my coffee was brewing ~ nada!

When I got home from preschool, Ian told me to check the Tupperware drawer. I laughed and as I grabbed the camera I caught my little one red handed!

As much as she loves that drawer I should have thought to look there. Oh well, mystery solved! And I'm not sure which realization makes me happier, that I had not "misplaced" her white sandals myself, or the fact that she did indeed wear shoes into Zaxby's yesterday!


Stephanie Y said...

The Tupperware cabinet has become the first place I look for things now. Pots and pans are second. Kids of funny aren't they.

Robin said...

That is so funny that the shoes were in the tupperware cupboard. I would have never thought to look someplace like that for shoes.
Glad you found them :-)

Jeff and Valerie said...

Ha! Very cute. Whenever I can't find something, such as Baba's shoes that for some reason she loves to play with, I try to think like an 18 month old when looking for them. Never works. They are soooo good at hiding stuff!

Kylie's development is fabulous. She looks gorgeous, strong and happy!

Bobby and Jennifer Barbee and family said...

What a cute story. Lainie has the same shoes!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the picture of her Tupperware drawer - her secret hiding place.
What a bright little girl! Bet she has some other hiding places as well. Will be fun to see you discover them.