Painting , a surprise party & a wedding

Kylie has been one busy little girl since we got home from our trip to Grandpa's house.

Wednesday night she got reacquainted with Maya. We started asking her if she wanted to see her dog a few miles from home and Kylie excitedly would pat her leg. (Tuesday night when we were at the park Kylie started frantically patting her leg and when I looked around there was a woman walking a yellow Lab. I thought Kylie was going to make a break for it toward the dog...) It was heartwarming to see the two of them together again! First Maya showed her affection...

..then it was Kylie's turn!

Kylie went back to sleeping through the night when we got home ~ YAY for familiar surroundings! ~ and after a normal stay home day Thursday, we went to Aunt Traci and Uncle Adam's new house to help finish painting before they moved in. We made the occasion of painting more fun by calling it a "painting party!"

"Who says my mommy can't do two things at once?"

Though we had six adults there, you can see why usually only five of us painted at a time. We had to keep a close eye on a curious little one who was really wanting to help! By the way, her daddy is REALLY excited that she is already into tools. He wants her to be able to show her husband up one day with her knowledge of tools!

Thursday night we played the role of AWFUL parents and didn't leave Adam and Traci's until about 11:30. (You know how it goes when you are painting...) Kylie didn't get to lay down in her bed until about midnight, but she made up for it by sleeping until 10:15 and then taking a few power naps during the day. Friday finished with us going to a surprise birthday party down at church for our friend Cheryl (who happens to ADORE Kylie). Kylie enjoyed the 50's music, the balloons, and Ms. Cheryl's party hat!

Most parents would think that the week had already held enough excitement, but Kylie asked for more (or we are really mean people who think that she can handle more...). Saturday started out by joining several other folks that love Adam and Traci and helping them move from their townhouse to their new house. Again, there were 11 adults, but there were never more than 10 working. (You'd be amazed how much unpacking a 14 month old can do while you are taking boxes to the U-Haul!)

We went from there (after a frantic stop back by our house to freshen up and change clothes) to Kylie's first wedding. Megan ~ a former of our MYF youth group from church ~ and Matt ~ one of my students the first year I taught ~ were made for each other and their wedding was beautiful! They beamed and I cried! The reception was on a lake and Kylie managed to convince her grandma to let her get a bit closer to the water.

Luckily for Kylie we take "A day of rest" seriously on Sunday. Despite the fact that we don't get anything done at home, it is so relaxing to spend the day with family. If we are in town we go to church and then head to Mama's house for "Sunday dinner." This is the meal of the week where Mama shows her culinary talents and we stuff ourselves silly. And what do you do with a full belly... of course, sleep! After naps of varying lengths for everyone, we just sit around and talk for the rest of the afternoon. This week the weather was far too nice to miss, so we got folding chairs and sat on the concrete pad soaking up sunshine. Kylie also began to demonstrate her ability to get up and down off of chairs! She was so proud of herself that she wore herself out showing her stuff! Later she decided to sit with Aunt Traci and eat some puffs to recharge for the afternoon.

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