Sarah was in town!

We had a crazy busy weekend that started and ended with visits from some of Kylie's Guangdong sisters! Sarah's family was in town checking out the area for a possible job transfer for Sarah's daddy. (We are agreeing with them in prayer that they are able to come to a decision about the move in peace. Of course we secretly hope they decide to come to NC from MN, but...) We decided that meeting in a park with a picnic dinner would be nicer than sitting in a restaurant. We couldn't have asked for nicer weather! We had an incredibly enjoyable evening just catching up on the past two months of growth for the girls. Sarah (who now has an older brother and sister) was much more outgoing than I remembered her being in China and was watching Kylie's every move. Kylie (being the only child that she is) was a bit cautious, but really warmed up the longer we were together.

For a while it was a bit like, "monkey see, monkey do" as Kylie would take out her hair bow and then Sarah started pulling on her headband. Then Sarah would take a bite of something and Kylie would look for something to eat. Then Kylie would start walking and Sarah would try to follow. Then Sarah started swinging and Kylie yelled until we put her in a swing... It was so cute! The other thing that cracked us up was how much trouble we were having getting both the girls to look at the camera and smile at the same time! Man, how did we manage with seven girls on the Red Couch and we couldn't really get two on the "Blue Blanket?"

We ate, talked, wandered on the playground and spent some time swinging.
What a blessing it was to get to see Rebecca, David and Sarah! A few weeks ago I had been planning in my head how we could see as many of our travel companions as possible in the next few months. I had worked out in my mind a way to arrange all of the families that live on the Eastern Seaboard into our schedule. Sadly there are a few that due to distance just didn't seem likely ~ that included Sarah's family in Minnesota.

The next day I had an email from Sarah's mom that they were going to be in Charlotte the third weekend in April. She wanted to know if we were we going to be available for a visit. I love how God sometimes works out blessings that you just didn't see coming!

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