In an instant

Eight weeks ago today our lives changed for the better. I can honestly tell you that I no longer remember (nor do I want to try) life without Kylie.

Who could have imagined that after years of waiting, collecting documents, waiting some more, receiving pictures, waiting more, getting travel approval, waiting more, getting confirmed consulate appointments, packing, flying across the world, sightseeing in a beautiful and fascinating country, one last flight, hurried last minute preparations, and a bus ride that just a quick glance by an orphanage director at a travel approval paper would grant the greatest gift we've received on this earth? Kylie's Uncle Adam has been transferring our video footage to DVD and will be making us an adoption video once he sees all he has to work with. Last night we watched our "forever family" day and cried once again. I kept going from the the shy, overwhelmed baby on the screen to the boisterous, giggling child in front of me. Oh how emotions can sweep over me so intensely!

I've said many times that I'm thankful that God selected this baby for us. Now, 56 days later, I think that I am more humbled that God selected us for this baby.


Allison said...

Ohhh, LOVE that picture! So cute!

C.C. Claybrook said...

What a joy to see how Kylie has blossomed!! Girl, I totally relate to the emotions. I am overcome with love and gratitude quite often myself:-)

nai nai miller said...

Words simply cannot express the depth of gratitude and love we feel about this child. Everytime I see her my heart just bursts with joy. God be praised.