Kylie's chair

Sunday at Mama's Kylie discovered this chair. Anyone who was at Mama's between us getting Kylie's picture and us actually traveling to get her may remember that Kylie's picture was taped to it for that time. The chair says "My own little chair." Looks like it has been claimed!
She continues to amaze us each day with her new tricks! Yesterday it was blowing raspberries ~ which is cute when she is in a good mood, but may not be when she starts eating solids... ~ and today it was pivoting on one foot. We had stopped by Mama's on the way home from church and were going to show her Kylie's ability to cruise about a five foot span. Of course Kylie wouldn't perform that feat, but decided to show that she is going to practice her basketball pivoting skills rather than walk. It was hilarious! She'd just start from Ian and act like she was going to walk to me and then start spinning around. She could make it about 120 degrees at a time and would make about 3 complete turns before she'd fall down and then pick herself up and try again. Of course we didn't have the camcorder and I'm sure that when we try to get her to do it tomorrow for the camera she will walk instead...

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Leslie said...

Pivoting is an important skill to know. I coached many a seventh and eighth grade girl who did not completely master the art of pivoting. But,oh, does it make life easier on the court!