We were taken to the police station...

...on Wednesday (February 7th) afternoon.

The day started slowly enough ~ Kylie slept again from about 9:30 pm to about 8:45. She sleeps much like her daddy ~ she uses the entire crib throughout the night. (She started the night in the middle of the crib) I bet she is gonna be a cover hog one day, but in this shot she looks so sweet.
I love just after naptime or first thing in the morning. Kylie wakes up in such a good mood. She is quiet (so far the only way I've known she's awake is that the little slurp of her thumb sucking gets louder) but sweet. When we reach for her in her crib she is ready to snuggle. One thing about rolling around so much when you sleep, it makes some wicked bed head! I love morning kisses!

Unfortunately, Aunt Traci and Uncle Adam fell victim to whatever got the grandmas on Sunday. We were planning to go on a family excursion to a local Buddist Temple but everyone (besides Ian, Kylie and I) was not up to sightseeing. So while Traci and Adam slept, LaoLao (maternal grandmother), NaiNai (paternal grandmother), Ian, Kylie, and I went shopping for a bit at the Dong Fang Hotel shops.

Her grandmas bought her a new set of pajamas (the ones I brought are really snug and Kylie HATES getting her arms through them), an adorable coat, a cute outfit, and some socks.

After our shopping time, we headed back to the apartment to check on the fallen. Aunt Traci was looking a bit better, but Uncle Adam was still down for the count. After finishing up some leftovers from last night's dinner, Ian, Kylie and I headed to the police station. None of us were in trouble, we were going to apply for Kylie's Chinese passport so that she can leave the country. We all got back on the bus again and headed into the city. Traffic in Guangzhou (a city of about 10 million, but I have no idea how large physically) is INSANE!!! This shot out the front of the bus doesn't even begin to do it justice because you would need to see how the cars and buses and trucks just do some sort of crazy waltz around each other.

Guangzhou is also a city where ancient meets modern, old blends with new, and there are streets everywhere to move all the people through it!

Once inside the police station we just showed our passports, gave them a stack of paperwork, and woke up a sleeping baby to have her photo taken for her passport ~ luckily she didn't wail for the picture. When we got back on the bus Amy announced to us that in the eyes of the Chinese government everything is official, the babies are now officially part of our families! Wow, that felt awesome to hear and was met with a wild round of applause. Here you can see that Kylie is starting to warm up to us more each day. We're still met with the thumbsucking and other arm across the eyes now and then, but less and less each day.

When we returned from the station, Aunt Traci just had to hold her neice. Doesn't the baby look adorable in the outfit her auntie bought her?

Ian, Kylie and I left for a few hours to go out to a Chinese dinner with the rest of the families. What I ate was very good, but I wasn't feeling as adventerous as Ian. He sampled the crocodile and the python. I stuck with more safe things like shrimp, lobster and oh heavenly days green beans and broccoli! Sadly we forgot the camera and couldn't record the tanks of animals that you picked your stuff from... Don't worry though, it is on the camcorder.

A dear friend of ours had pointed out that we were missing photos of the entire family. So poor uncle Adam managed to come to the living room for a group shot. The first one I was talking, the second Adam was in front of Traci's face, the third Ian didn't make it back to the couch quick enough, the fourth Kylie was looking at the floor, and so on and so on. Finally the 11th time was the charm...

Kylie's Uncle Alexander sent along a little lamb for her to play with. LaoLao (maternal grandmother) and Kylie played with it for a while. My child has some really funny manerisms! When she discovers something, instead of putting it in her mouth like most children, she'll put it up to her nose and mash her nose into it. It is the cutest, most hilarious thing!

And there you have it. Wednesday came and went quite quickly. Ahh, life as a family of three is good!


Bobbie and Steve said...

What an adorable baby girl! We are soooo happy for you both. (and the entire family).
Can't wait to see Kylie in person.
God bless!

Steve and Bobbie Bryson

LaoLao Shultz said...

WooHoo, she is now officially a Miller! The adoption certificate in the nice red leather folder is wonderful!