Sometimes it rains....

... but that's OK. All in all the adjustment has been pretty smooth for Kylie, Kristi and I, but right now I'm watching as my wife slowly strolls through our room rocking Kylie as she cries. Kylie is crazy tired, and things are still so new for her.... add on top of that that she isn't feeling great and you've got a recipe for a rough nap time. Kylie will go from crying to whimpering and then just sits quietly for a bit. It is a beautiful thing though, for me to watch Kristi holding this beautiful child and love her through the emotional and physical pain she is going through. Love isn't all sunshiny days and flowers.... it takes a bit of rain to make those flowers grow but they are still truly beautiful.

Sorry the picture is a bit blurry, but I didn't want to use the flash... she is just starting to drift off.


*~*~*MEL*~*~* said...

that is so cute! motherhood suits kristi well!

Rachel Rose said...

oh, I just don't know what to say but to send you all love :) so much love. That's so beautiful. I'm praying for you and thinking about you.

Anonymous said...

kristi, looks like she is drifting off too! How sweet they look.

MamaNewc said...

Truly priceless! Tears of joy continue to run down my cheeks as I hang on every word of your blog. Can't wait for the day when our daughters will meet!
Love, prayers, hugs, & kisses from the Newcomes!

LaoLao Shultz said...

To sit out in the living room of our apartment and hear little Kylie wimpering about broke my heart. However, it was a joy to see how beautifully both of you handled her. You each have marvelous parenting instincts.

Little Kylie's world had been turned upside down. Taken from the only home that she had known for 9 months, put on a bus for 6 hours to Ghanghou, handed to two strangers (with an entourage of four others), taken on another bus with these strangers, then taken into an apartment with these strangers.

Thank our heavenly Father that she had the calm reassurance from both of you. I'm so proud of you!