Meeting the Triple A's

So we let our local family know that we were ready to start introducing Kylie...

First to take the bait was my cousin Tricia. She has three beautiful children that my sister and I nicknamed the Triple A's (Adam - 7, Abby - 4, and Andrew - 3) some time ago. They are a fun group to be around.

***We headed over to their house after an unsuccessful trip to Concord Mills on Saturday afternoon. I'll take a quick detour to express my frustration in the fact that no store in that mall had black patent leather shoes in infant size 4. Oh, wait, there was one pair, but they had heels! Yes, heels on a pair of shoes to fit a one year old. Not that it seems like a bad idea to put heels on a child that is learning to walk! ***

Adam surprised me at his gentleness around Kylie. He is a typical 7 year old, all boy, and still rough-housed with his brother, but around Kylie was so protective and calm. He took time to "walk" her around by holding her hands and sat down to show her some toys. When we went outside to their swing set, Adam climbed to the top and dropped off one of their swings to attach the baby swing for Kylie. I didn't think that she'd like it, but she continues to surprise me each day and loved the swing. Adam wanted to push her for a while and entertained her quite well.
Abby and I have been very close since I kept the Triple A's during the summer of 2004. Suddenly to me she didn't look so much like a baby. I can't believe that she will be 5 this summer! Abby was content to just sit and watch Kylie and sneak the occasional hug.
And then there was Andrew. What a funny little munchkin he is! He just wanted to take care of Kylie the whole time we were there. He'd go get things for me out of her diaper bag, some that I needed, some that I didn't... Kylie sucks her thumb like there is no tomorrow and her little lips are chapped from it. At one point Andrew took Kylie's cheeks in his little hands, looked at her lips, said, "poor baby!" and ran to get some chapstick for me to put on her lips. It was so adorable! He also had fun trying to make her laugh, not only did it work on her, but I was laughing watching his efforts!
Tricia fixed burgers on the grill and homemade macaroni and cheese. What a great "All-American" meal to welcome us home! Kylie had a great time and said that if all her family is so great that she can't wait to meet more!

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LaoLao Shultz said...

How marvelous that Kylie has met Adam, Abby and Andrew. She seems to relate so well with other children. I'm delighted to see how God has been working out these events to be so positive for Kylie.
Sounds like it was a perfect afternoon...thanks to Tricia.