Less Than 12 Hours!!!!

After 2 years of patient waiting it is truly hard to believe that in less than 12 hours we will be meeting our sweet child for the first time. Last night, neither Kristi nor I slept very much... too much excitement. Our minds filled with thoughts of what this afternoon will be like. Will Kylie jump to our arms, will she be scared of the change, will she understand how much we love her already? Then the questions begin... what have we forgotten, is the diaper bag packed, what should we give her when we first meet her... a rattle, cheerios, the biggest hug ever (YES!), something that we didn't even think to bring? So, with all that and more to think about, we gave up on faking sleep about 30 minutes ago (about 4 am). A nice long hot shower, yummy breakfast, and a 2 - 3 hour plane ride and we will finally be in the same city as Kylie.

Kylie Baozhen... mommy and daddy are coming. Hold tight, we'll be there soon.

PS. Please continue praying for our moms. We've not yet stopped by their room in the hopes that they are still sleeping.


Allison said...

WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Can't wait to see pics!
Hugs to you and sweet baby Kylie!

Anonymous said...

Hello again, Ian & Kristi,
We certainly feel your excitement and anticipation as you wait out these last few hours!! We know exactly how you are feeling!! :) You have come such a long way. Our prayers are with you today, especially the mom's. We can't wait to read all about 'the moment'!!
Love, The Gladhill's

MamaNewc said...

Hugs & kisses from far far away in the mountains of West VA...
Love, Amy, Mike, & McKenna

Anonymous said...

Are we there yet? I can't wait to see the first family photo!! Sweeeet! Love, Jen

Stephanie said...

Oh I can't wait to see her sweet little face. I hope you are ALL sleeping well right now and adjusting to eachother. Prayers are still going up for all of you.

Anonymous said...

Kristi and Ian,
I hope for you that she is comfortable in your arms right away and feels the love you 2 have been building for years for her with out her knowledge. You two have the luxury of knowing what is happening and add a little culture clash to the mix.
I pray for her peace of mind to meet you guys where you are!
Love to ALL!