Five minutes in the life of Kylie

Today was a rather slow day. We did have a tour this morning, but I'm too tired to blog about it tonight, we have to be up early for Kylie's medical exam. (Not sure if this is conducted by the Chinese or American government). Anyway, this afternoon Ian was gone for about two hours at the "paperwork party" filling in the last of the forms that have to be done here. Kylie and I played for a little while before her nap.

(You will notice that my child is playing with a water bottle lid ~ Adam and Traci, yes, it is "spaceship water." That seems to rank up there as one of her favorite toys right now. Glad I didn't pack too many in the suitcase!)

Here's a recount of what went down...

Fly through the air spaceship!
Ha, I've captured you now!
Crash landing, watch out for humans!
Oh-oh Douglas, we have a problem! The spaceship is on the floor and mommy is playing with a small silver box and won't hand me the spaceship. Can you give a sister some advice?
See, there it is. How am I gonna do this?
Hmm, maybe if I lean over?
Ohh, wait, I'll just squat (Chinese babies must come out of the womb doing this)
And reeeaaaccchhh! Yes, got it!
See Douglas, I told you there was nothing to worry about!

It was so adorable watching her figure out how to pick up that lid on her own! I'm so far gone in love with this child!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi guys! I have had so much fun following your adventure! I come home everyday and the first thing I do is run to the computer to see if there are any new pics! Then I scream at Neil to, "Come Look!" She is sooo beautiful! We can't wait to see her in person. We are still praying for you and will see you soon!

Love always, Bekah

Mandy said...

I'm so glad everything is going well for you all and that the gang got back home(USA) just fine. All of the pictures are great. Kylie is a beautiful child and I just love those cheeks. Just be sure to take lots of kid friendly snacks on the plane with you. Everyone can't wait until you all get home. You will have to take appointments for visits so all four of you can rest and adjust when you get home.

Anonymous said...

Chris wanted me to let you know that although it cute, all babies squat. . . sometimes for fun and sometimes for ANOTHER purpose! :) Would you expect anything less from my extremely sarcastic husband?? She is beautiful and I am so glad that you are all adjusting so well! Soak it in!!!!
Love you, Jen

Anonymous said...

Hi Ian and Kristi! It's the Ragans. We are so HAPPY for you and your family. Today at church we were asking everyone when you were coming home. We have been sitting on the couch reading and enjoying all of your pictures and comments. Kylie is really beautiful!!! We can't wait to meet her. I can imagine the overwhelming joy and love that you are experiencing over the past several days. Congrats!!! We wish you a safe trip home. Can't wait to see you all.

Love, Andy, Julie and Abby

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the incorrect english....our comment should have read that you have experienced over the past several days. :)

Anonymous (Abby Ragan, 2yrs old)