One of the dumb things we've said...

Waiting for Kylie has been a long process. Occasionally it has somewhat melted our brain and we've found ourselves saying some really dumb things! Take for instance:

My mother-in-law was coming down to house-sit for a long weekend earlier this year while Ian and I went to volunteer at a mission trip training. We were giving her the daily run down and reminding her of trash day, checking the mail, bringing in the paper, ect. When we got
to the part where we said, "And if the house were to catch on fire, please make sure to run into the baby's room and grab our file folder ~ it has a document (the ever-critical I-171H) that we must have the original of when we get to China..." we realized what we were asking her. (Nothing like saying, "Hey Mom, would you please run UPSTAIRS in a burning building to grab a paper because we are too lazy to buy a firesafe...) So Ian went out late that night and bought one before we left the next morning!

As I think of some of the other times that the paperwork process or the semi-eternal wait has caused us to say dumb things, I'll post them. Cause as of right now we are on day 47 of waiting for our TA...

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