Three weeks ago...

It was three weeks ago almost to the hour that I first looked at Kylie's face! Wow, in some ways those 21 days have flown by and in others they have gone slower than I can bear.

In that time we have made phone calls, sent emails, posted on the blog, and even written letters to share our good news. We contacted a doctor to review her medical report and signed our official acceptance letter to let the CCAA know that we fully intend to persue completing the adoption of THIS child.We raced to downtown Charlotte (made it to the corner of Trade and Tryon in a record 18 minutes ~ shoulda taken about 25) with me very tensely at the wheel to get to the last FedEx drop for overnight mail to get our letter back. Our daughter almost became the child of a single parent as Ian jumped out of the car while it was still moving and ran across the street ~ he says he looked, I say he's lucky the oncoming car stopped ~ and pleaded with the FedEx guy to wait a few more minutes. I was so stressed that I locked our moms in the car when I parked ~ with the alarm set, so they didn't dare try to get out ~ and ran inside to pull the "crying wife" card if necessary. Luckily the guy was super nice ~ he has family members that have adopted internationally and waited 8 minutes longer than he was supposed to before he left for the airport.

We've held her picture up at church ~ our minister is a bit excited for us too! ~ and put her into "brag books" to carry with us where ever we go. We've showed her picture to everyone who wants to see it, and some I'm sure that didn't...

We've been showered by friends and family at an AMAZING baby shower where we recieved things like clothes, diapers, pacifiers, books, a diaper genie, diaper bags (stylish one for me, backpack for Ian), bathtime necesseties, and most everything in the Fisher Price Little People line. Now what's missing is her! Oh Kylie, how we wish we could come to get you today! The busy days make it easier, but sometimes in the evening I get so frustrated. I know that she doesn't know we are coming yet, it is all about me. I long to hold our sweet baby and to kiss those sweet cheeks and rub that soft hair. I find myself looking at my watch constantly, adding 13 hours, and wondering what she is doing.

One day soon we will be there in China holding her, but today I wish it was now!


LaoLao Shultz said...

The Fed Ex run was rather amazing!
Kathy and I were in the back seat of Kristi's car with our heads bowed in prayer most of the time. We couldn't even talk. Kristi was "spazing") Yikes! - sure we couldn't get all the way downtown for the last Fed Ex pick-up on time. Ian was talking reassuringly to her most of the time - with his ever present optimism! When we were driving down South Tryon (Fed Ex was on the left side of the street)
we saw the Fed Ex van in front - Kristi stopped the car while traffic was still moving, Ian jumped out like a rocket and raced across the street (in front of the oncoming traffic - Kathy and I almost screamed!) God was certainly with Ian as he got across the street without being hit and made it into the store. The the expression on his face must have prompted the Fed Ex man to give him grace as he agreed to wait for Ian to make copies of each document and waited for the final package! Thank you God. In the meantime, Kristi had gone further down South Tryon, made a U-turn at Morehead and went back north towards the Fed Ex store. She pulled over into a "no parking" spot - I told her I would get in front and move the car if a cop came. Well, in her frantic dash, she not only forgot to give me the keys but locked us in the car. If we had tried to get out the alarm would have gone off really drawing attention to the car being in the wrong place!! hahaha - it is all so hysterical now.
When the Fed Ex van left and Kristi and Ian still hadn't come out, Kathy and I were about panicking - thinking the driver hadn't waited for them. How relieved we were when Kristi and Ian both came out of Fed Ex with smiles! God surely worked that out for them!


LaoLao Shultz said...

Our church family is so lovning and supportive. We are really blessed.
From the pulpit - our minister, Mark, told everyone not to be surprised if Kristi and Ian seemed at little excitable today because they finally got their referral and had pictures of their precious daughter. At that point, Kristi and Ian jumped up and held up pictures of Kylie above their heads. The congregation was so excited! Couldn't count how many people came up to them after the service to really see the 4x6 photos of Kylie. That morning is a special memory.