Our youth group

Oh, I almost forgot a funny... Ian and I have been volunteers with our youth group at church for the last six years. It has been a fabulous time getting to know so many fine kids "grow up" under our noses! I can hardly believe how many have graduated on us already.

Anyway, we are currently most involved with our small groups that meet on Wednesday nights. Ian leads a mixed group of senior highs and I have a senior high girls group. There are two other adults leading groups, one of junior highs and another senior high mixed group. At the very end, we all get together and have a devotion ~ this week it was to pray in the dug out foundation of our new church building, it was really cool! Anyway, before we headed out into the cold to pray, we were showing Kylie's pictures to our youth group. One of the junior high boys (I'm not sure how he didn't know about our adoption before Wednesday ~ seems like EVERYONE in the church did) looked at her picture and said, "She's really cute, she sorta looks Chinese!" I was like, "Umm, well, that's because she is..." Then he looked at her again, and said, "Well, that explains that. Where is she, with a babysitter?" Again, I'm not sure how he has missed so much lately.

I love our kids!


Nai Nai Miller said...

Sometimes we forget that not everyone has been preoccupied with thinking about Kylie for the last two years. I'm sure people will forgive us for being so focused. It has been a long wait but the end is in sight. What a day it will be when Kristi and Ian can enfold their baby with loving arms.

Jeff and Michelle said...

That's very cute!