M house during "the call" (a referral day recap)

First of all I must say that after the excitement of the Baby Celebration Saturday night, we were exhausted. Adam (6), Abby(4), and Andrew(3) spent the day with us while their mom was at the Panthers game. Mid-afternoon I was needing a little "quiet time" and managed to talk Abby and Andrew into joining me. The following is what resulted from that...

Afternoon naps are the best!

Anyway, I wanted to get my thoughts down about the day we became parents.

...All we had to do then was wait for the call. Was it going to come later that afternoon, or had the CCAA updated as they put the referrals into the mail and the package containing information about our baby still on its way over the ocean?

I almost didn't want to go to work because I was afraid I'd miss the call. So I did what all "moms in labor" do ~ I emailed our wonderful family coordinator and asked her if referrals did arrive that day and they were going to be making phone calls to not call us until at least 2:30 to guarantee that I'd be home from work! (Yes, I really did ~ I couldn't not be here when the call came!) I didn't say anything at preschool about it that day, somehow Ian and I wanted to savor the moment for just a bit between the two of us! (Besides, if the call didn't come until the next day, I didn't want to have to answer questions)
I hurried home as soon as I got my post-student responsibilites done. And then I jumped each time the phone rang. And ring it did ~ one time I informed a telemarketer that I "wasn't taking calls right now."
Finally at 2:53 (thanks for waiting Laurel!) the phone rang. I RAN to get it and heard Laurel's voice on the line. As soon as she identified herself I went to signal Ian (who was on a conference call with his direct boss). By the way, my signaling would look something like me jumping up and down pointing at the phone like it was a new invention. He stammered, "Dave, I gotta go!" and hung up on him. Then Laurel started by saying "Congratulations, you have a daughter and she is really cute!" She proceeded to tell us the basic information about Kylie and we were dumbfounded that with that good news that 15 months and 4 days of silence from the CCAA simply melted away. (Not to say that I have completely forgotten how long we waited, just that it doesn't seem so bad on this end...)
When we hung up we raced across the house to compare our notes (one of the phones downstairs has given up and who knows why Ian didn't think to bring the cordless upstairs...). When we first found each other we hugged and jumped around in circles and cried. Then we pulled our laptops into the living room and started researching Kylie's SWI and the province she lives in and her city and stuff like that.
About an hour later we looked at each other and said, "Hmm, do you think we should call the grandmas?" And then the games of phone tag began.

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LaoLao Shultz said...

What a phone call. Kristi and Ian are now parents, Kathy and I and Grandma's, Traci and Adam are aunt and uncle! Changing all of our lives forever for the better. Can't wait to see our little girl!