Four weeks now...

Okay, so four weeks have passed since I've first seen Kylie's face. Four weeks ago yesterday we got the phone call that changed our lives (or at least put things into motion ~ I suppose sending an application to AWAA in February 2005 was what really changed our lives...) and four weeks ago today we finally opened that FedEx package with these sweet pictures.

And since then, nothing again. Well, nothing from China anyway. We've spent a bit of time around Mama's dining room table filling out Visa applications and travel request forms. Our Visa applications, passports, passport photos, and of course a hefty check have long since been FedExed to AWAA. We should be getting our passports complete with Visa entry into China back any day now.

And yet we still wait patiently for the "official invitation" ~ known in adoption-land lingo as TA ~ from the Chinese officials. Or at least for the first few weeks we waited patiently... Now that the excitement of Christmas is past us for another year, time seems to be dragging on. We had the National Youth Workers Convention the first weekend, getting Visa stuff the second, the shower the third, Christmas festivities with family the fourth weekend. Time was flying by but now we have more time on our hands and it is getting tough. I mean, I know who my baby is and I can't hold her in my arms! Please pray for us in this last stage of waiting, I'm getting restless!

Kylie, Mommy and Daddy will be there as soon as we can! We love you precious child!

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LaoLao Shultz said...

Having pictures of Kylie and knowing where she is and that she is healthy are all wonderful but.....just want to get her here in Charlotte and be able to hold her in our arms. Has anyone ever thought about kidnapping a child from China?!