Finally, a name!

After much (and I do mean MUCH!) deliberation, we have finally decided what to name our daughter. It's funny how we had several other names picked out. In fact we had called her one name for months ~ we even bought a framed picture of the Chinese symbols for that name when we were in San Francisco's Chinatown in April. And then we saw her face...And we realized that name just wasn't quite right. Not that it wasn't a beautiful name ~ it was ~ it just wasn't the right one for our baby. So we went back through our list of names (I spent hours in the spring of 2005 while we were gathering necessary documents searching a baby names website for possible names ~ Ian has Irish heritage, so we are going with that meaning!). I'd say one that I liked, but when we looked at her picture, both of us would say, "no, that isn't it." Then Ian would say one and we'd both decide that our baby didn't look like that name either. We repeated the process many, MANY times and were getting slightly discouraged. And the more folks would ask usif we had chosen a name yet, the worse we felt!

And then Ian said, "I've been thinking for a while about one, and I really like it, but I'm afraid that if I say it out loud we will decide for some reason that it isn't the right name."

I told him to tell me anyway, after all it had already been several days and I was getting desperate! What kind of parents must we be? We can't even seem to name our precious child, how would we ever be able to care for her?

So he said, "What about Kylie?" And then I knew! That was it. We prayed for a while and slept on it for two nights just for good measure.

And Kylie it is! Kylie BaoZhen!


*~*~*MEL*~*~* said...

aww you guys! That is an absolutely beautiful name and it definitely suits her soooo well! I can't wait until the end of January when we get to meet this little angel!

LaoLao Shultz said...

Kylie, perfect for our little doll!
The more I look at her the more excited I get! We're coming soon Kylie - both Grandma's, Aunt Traci, Uncle Adam and of course Mommy and Daddy - WooHoo!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the name! It's perfect for her. One decision down...millions and millions to go. :) Tricia

Kristi said...

Okay Mama,
I like how you finally remembered to put that Mommy and Daddy were coming too... Is this a sign of things to come that we are going to have to compete with laolao (grandma)?
One thing for sure, Kylie is gonna be loved by her family and friends!

Leslie said...

Congratulations you two. She is a doll.


Anonymous said...

Kylie BaoZhen Miller has a lovely bounce and flow to it, and a warm glow that matches everything about the family she is coming home to.


Michelle said...

Very cute name! Congratulations!!


Anonymous said...

I was so excited to hear what my granddaughter's American name would be. It is perfect!!! I can just tell that Kylie has a lot of personality and her new name is most fitting.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Kristi and Ian!!

I know you have waited long for this moment. There is a saying in Hindi, which translates to "The fruits of waiting are sweet". And so is Kylie !

Congrats again! Cant wait to see her with you guys.