14 months today!

Man oh man, I have never been so pumped up on confused adrenaline in my life! As of the last CCAA update on September 25th, we were excited to see that referrals had gone through August 9 of last year. That was 17 days from ours and there was a slight possibility that we could be included this month. We knew it was a long shot but allowed ourselves to have a glimmer of hope that it could be true.

But then late last week we learned that August 24th was a HUGE day last year. One agency alone had over 100 dossiers logged in that day. With that piece of information we realized that we were extremely unlikely to get our referral this month and resigned ourselves to waiting until mid-November. "At least we will have a picture of her by Christmas, maybe even by the day after Thanksgiving (to do some shopping for her)," we told ourselves and happily settled in for another month of waiting.

Then we started seeing folks pop in on yahoo adoption groups that August 24th was the cut off ~ virtually guaranteeing us a referral next month. Next day brought claims of the 28th (two days past us), then the 23rd (three days before us) and now the latest is the 26th (our day)!

Add to the mix of information that some folks whose paperwork traveled to China last year in August have seen their ever critical LID (log-in-date) change ~ some moving backward making their time to wait shorter, some forward making their time to wait longer ~ and before long I'm gonna need a white jacket with special zippers!

Today is the 14 month anniversary of our LID in China. But as many of you know, we started the process 6 months before that submitting applications to our agency and gathering the ever important paperwork. At this point, I'm just ready to hear news of referrals this month. (They are a bit later than expected as of now...) Even if we don't get our call this month, I'm ready for the insanity of not knowing what is going on to stop. The control freak in me can't stand not having all the information in this situation!

Don't get me wrong, I know God has selected the perfect child for our family (note that I didn't specify girl ~ my dreams have been too much lately and if God didn't necessarily tell us beforehand that it was gonna be a girl) and I know that our child will be revealed to us in His perfect time. As friends Joe & Amanda told us of first holding Susannah in Thailand, "When you hold your child for the first time, you will know that it couldn't be ANY child, but had to be THAT child, not at ANY time, but THAT time." Thanks guys for paving the way before us!


Adam said...

My head spins with all of those numbers and dates, but what I do understand is that it is close! :) I can't wait to be "Aunt Traci"!!! :)

Traci said...

WEll traci isn't very computor savy. I signed in as Adam and before I realized it I have posted several comments under the name of Adam. :)oops