Nursery of love

So here we are in September. I still these days go from unbelievable excitement about getting "the call" to utter disbelief that it is us that I go on and on about. The best explanation I have for that last feeling is that sometimes it feels like I'm talking about someone else adopting ~ then I walk into her room. As you can see it is ready for her, so many hours of searching for fabrics, painting, going to the seamstress that made the bedding and curtains, putting up beadboard and a shelf... It was so worth it! The room is a patchwork of things given in love from family and friends. The crib already has been tested out by darling cousins Adam, Abby, and Andrew. Our daughter's Uncle Alexander decided that he had outgrown Eeyore and that his neice needed it more. Her Great-Grandmother Jane created the pattern and cross-stiched the picture on the shelf, strange that when she picked it for me that she chose pink. Back when Grandma was alive I had an aversion to the color, but eight years later when I pulled it out of storage we found that it matched the wall color (yes, expecting a girl has brought a love for all things pink!) perfectly. Thank you Grandma for smiling down from Heaven on us! Aunt Traci is currently working on a set of paintings to hang in the room, I can't wait to see what she decided to create for our darling! And so many friends have already given toys, clothes, and blankets. We are blessed!

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LaoLao Shultz said...

What a wonderful nursery full of love. The time spent in finding just the perfect materials and having the comforter and crib set made; the embroidered picture from my precious mother, Jane; the rocking Eeyore from Alexander; the beaded board wainscoating put up painstakingly by Daddy Miller; blankets and toys from loving family and friends, etc, etc. A room waiting for a Princess!
Lao Lao