Killing time in Hong Kong...

So we landed in Hong Kong at 9:45 local time. Our flight tonight to Chicago leaves at 6:25. Ahh, gotta love airports! After laying on the floor in the kids play area for about a 20 minute siesta, I decided it was a good chance to catch up from yesterday. Before I do that I will write for the record that by the time we land in Charlotte that we will have been in motion for 32 hours. WOW!!!

Okay, back to yesterday. We got to sleep in a bit which was nice. First order of the day was to get a group photo taken in the lobby at 10:30. Here is the best of the group shots of our 11 Guangdong families.

After that we had our birthday party for the girls because all the girls except Lottie (Feb 25) and Kylie (March 10) celebrated their first birthdays before or during our trip. If the picture looks like pandemonium, it was. Funny thing is that the girls seemed to respond to being in a group of 10 (Darby was sick and had to miss the party) better than just small play groups. It must have been something like playtime at the orphanage. Lottie's parents supplied the balloons, Kristin's parents brought the banner, and a few of the rest of us supplied the cakes.

Kylie was especially fond of the balloons, it was probably her first time seeing them.

Following the party, Ian, Kylie and I took a taxi with Nellie and her parents to a local Buddhist temple. It was a very peaceful complex and we really enjoyed seeing yet another piece of "authentic China." In the center of the complex was a huge tower.

It almost felt like we were back in Europe as Ian and I decided, "hmm, steps... let's go!" It took a while to make it to the top. Each level had shorter and shorter openings. Here we are at the top. I was really glad Kylie was strapped in tight in her carrier because the walkways were very narrow!

We found it interesting that even a Buddhist temple would be decorated for New Year.

Later it was time to go to the US Consulate to take our oath for Kylie's citizenship. Now all she has to do is land on US soil and she is a citizen! Sadly no cameras were allowed, so we couldn't photo document the occasion.

Then packing suitcases. Despite the fact that we loaded down our family when they left last week, Ian and I bought a suitcase for $11 to bring home our souvenirs. Most of it is stuff for Kylie, shoes, silk dresses, and some small gifts for her adoption day for the next several years. Once we had completed that task, we went out to an Italian resteraunt with the Orrisons and the Martens. It was surreal to be sitting in a back room of an Italian restaurant in China, watching a Chinese telethon, sitting beside a table of Germans, and listening to Mariah Carey on the radio.

Wow, how quickly two weeks have passed. Today, not so fast...


LaoLao Shultz said...

Seeing all of the 11 families together makes me sad that I wasn't feeling well enough to go to the dinner the evening before we had to come home. Wish I could have seen them all and let them know that I'd be praying for their new babies and their families. What a wonderful group of people. The party for the girls seems like quite a success. How precious they all are. Looks like they have all adjusted well to their parents and families!
So happy that you have been able to see so much of of the city. Know the pictures and videos will be important for Kylie as she gets older.
I'll be praying nonstop for your safe and peaceful journey home.
Love you and can't wait to see you.

nai nai miller said...

You are already half-way home as I sit here reading your story. I hope the roar of the jets is lulling Kylie to sleep. We are so grateful to have been with you as you held Kylie for the first time. She is just the most wonderful precious beautiful little girl imaginable. It will be so fun to share the videos of her homeland with her as she grows up, and eventually to travel with her back to China. She is bringing so much richness into our lives, both as an individual and as a person with a rich cultural heritage. We are truly blessed. I am praying for you as you head home and can hardly wait until tonight when I will see you in person on US soil. Godspeed you home.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ian & Kristi!
Oh, how we feel your 'pain'. That trip from Asia feels like it will never end. :) I have no idea when you are supposed to land in Charlotte, but know that we are thinking and praying for all three of you on your long journey!! Hope we get to see you all soon in NoVa. Not that you want to go anywhere for a loooong time!! Go Hokies!! :)
John and Joanna